Monday, December 23, 2013

Makeup Monday: Beauty Box 5 December 2013

I've been using the products in my December Beauty Box 5 since the day I received it in the mail.  If you're not familiar with Beauty Box 5, it is a monthly subscription service that sends you 5 beauty samples each month.  I love getting my box every month and reviewing the products here for you!

Beauty Box 5 December 2013

This month's theme, in keeping with the holidays, is "Naughty and Nice."  This box has a little bit of everything!

Every Beauty Flexible Foot Smoother

Does anyone still use Ped Eggs?  I haven't used mine in such a long time.  I tend to use a pumice stone about 4 days a week instead.  Pumice stones are so, so awkward to hold, though.  This foot smoother is versatile and it's easy to hold.  One side has a fine grit and the other side is more coarse.  You can use this wet or dry.  I like it dry better.  It just seemed to work better that way, but using it wet is more convenient if you're in a rush and already taking a shower in the morning.

Body Drench Hemp Moisturizing Body Lotion

Holy moly, I love this lotion.  Typically, I only put lotion on my feet, legs, and hands because I don't like the greasy feeling of my lotioned skin under my shirts.  Hopefully I'm not the only one?  Anyways, this lotion moisturizes so well and my skin doesn't feel greasy.  I also love the scent.  It smells like cucumber melon meets Pure Paradise from Bath & Body Works.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

This product surprised me.  Drugstore moisturizers rarely work for me, so I tend to avoid them all together so I don't waste my money.  This moisturizer from lean & Clear is so, so nice.  It has a refreshing scent (think cucumber melon) that reminds me of the Coola sunscreen moisturizers.  Note: my skin is combination/oily and during the winter my cheeks get pretty dry and tight while the rest of my face feels slightly more normal, albeit still oilier than my cheeks.  This moisturizer was perfect for my oily areas but not quite enough for my dry areas.  I suspect this will be perfect for the summer!

Ofra Cosmetics Lip Gloss Plumper in Sultry (my computer didn't trust this site past the home page, so be aware!)

Talk about a vampy color!  I love this color for the holidays.  In fact, this will be my lip color of choice for Christmas Day.  This formula is hydrating and really locks in the moisture for your lips.  In fact, long after it's worn off my lips still feel smooth and moisturized.  You can color me impressed.

NYX Love in Rio Eyeshadow Trio in Sway With Lola

This was our sneak peek for the month of December.  I was super excited to try NYX eyeshadows.  Being that they are at my Target now, I really should have bought a palette by now.  But I haven't!  This eyeshadow trio, sadly, was not my favorite from this month's box.  The colors weren't quiet right for me.  They were more sheer than I care for, although the colors are gorgeous!  The formulation is amazing though.  They are very smooth and stay all day.  I can see why people love NYX shadows now.  I'll have to go pick up a palette with colors that are more suited for me!

And there we have it, folks.  The last Beauty Box 5 of the year!  My favorite item from this month was definitely the Body Drench lotion.  I'll need to buy a full size fo that, for sure!

p.s.  I am sent Beauty Box 5 every month to review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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