Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Different Light

Winter Office Fashion

Winter Office Fashion
Red top was gifted; Sweater and skirt were thrifted

 It seems that all my outfit mirror pictures involve this skirt and this necklace.

Why is hubby running away when I wear these two things together?

Ahh... just joking.  Do you remember that crazy cold weather we had towards the beginning of the month?  The polar vortex?  I don't think the polar vortex ever made it our way.  It surely would've been obvious if it had.  I think we were on the edge of it?  Either way, we had two (two!) 2-hour delays for the school system, so I took this one of those mornings before I took the boys to school.

It's funny, seeing the house in that light.  I'm never there at that time of day.

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