Thursday, January 2, 2014

A little sparkle for your New Year

Winter Office Fashion

Winter Office Fashion

Winter Office Fashion

Top was thrifted; Pants were gifted

Did you have a good New Year?  For New Year's Eve, we stayed at home and boxed away all our Christmas decorations.  So exciting, right?  New Year's Day was pretty great.  We slept in a bit, went to my mom's for lunch, and then came home and vegged around until bed time.  

Every new year, I feel the need to reorganize and declutter everything.  My closet is one of those places that seems to always need decluttering.  To be honest, I don't know why I can purge my closet multiple times a year and still have things to give away or sell.  Well, I had an epiphany the other day.

You see, I always organize my clothes by type and color.  So, all my tank tops are together and they're organized from light colors to dark colors, and so on and so forth with all the other categories in my closet.  I'm pretty OCD like that.  

Anyways.  So, while I was putting away some clothes the other day I had a thought.  What if I just put my clothes away in the order I wear them?  In other words, just put my clothes away at the end of the closet rod so that the most recent things I've worn are always the easiest to see?  Theoretically, the clothes I love to wear will always be at the fore front, and that would tell me that the ones in the back of the closet are the ones I don't wear very much.

Plus, I'll save time on putting away my clothes.  It's win-win!  (hopefully)  We'll see how it goes!

How do you organize your closet?

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