Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Ring is a Beautiful Thing

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Top and skirt were thrifted; Ring c/o Anjolee 

Have you noticed what today's date is?  It's January 14, which means that we have exactly one month until Valentine's Day.  My how time flies.  It feels like we were just shopping for Christmas and now here we are, on the brink of Valentine's Day excitement.

If there's one thing about me you already know, it's that I love holidays.  Any excuse to decorate, make plans, and get generally giddy about doing things or making things for other people.  I'm such a list maker and am already planning the things to do for the kids and Will.  Of course, on the other side, it's just as fun to receive gifts, too!

If I were to, oh say, make a little list of things I maybe want and leave it laying around for Will to find, this diamond anniversary band that was sent to me by Anjolee would definitely be on it.  Jewelry is such a special, personal gift.  It's perfect for Valentine's Day!  And even better, Anjolee offers customizable jewelry and can help you create the perfect gift for your special someone.

The best part?  This style of band can easily be mixed with other rings to create your own personal ring party.


You can check out Anjolee here, their Facebook here, and their Twitter here.

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