Thursday, January 23, 2014

Budgeting and things like that

Winter Office Fashion 3

Winter Office Fashion 4
Button-up and dress were thrifted  
(also, zombie kid hand!  ahhh!  ...the longer I look at it, the scarier it is)

 Ever since I decided to join Fran's budgeting bloggers, I've been thinking about another aspect on her blog called Holes in my Closet.

Making myself accountable for my budget here on the blog has sparked a lot of thought about what I want to add to my closet.  I've been frustrated in the past by throwing money at clothes that don't hold longer than a year, so quality is another factor in that mysterious 'what to buy' equation.

My budget isn't huge.  It is $60 a month.  Since I thrift and have recently started browsing Thredup, I hope I can fill some of the holes in my closet with that amount.  I'm not adverse to hunting down a coupon or two, though, to purchase something first hand.  ;)

For now, I'm starting a list of things I want to add to my closet over the next year.  Some things have been on the list for a while and I've been actively searching Goodwill for them.  Others are things I've recently decided to add, because I think my wardrobe could benefit from them.

A new white button-up
Teal button-up
More cardigans in various neutral colors
More pattern button-ups purchased: 1
Black/white breton stripe shirt (preferably boat neck)
Red sweater purchased: 1
Black crew neck sweater
A neutral silk blouse
More fitted sleeve/flowy bottom tops
More casual shirts

More work dresses purchased: 1

Black cropped pants for work purchased: 1
Colored cropped pants for work
More solid colored skirts (pencil or a-line)
Fun summer/spring skirts
Black maxi skirt
Mustard pleated skirt
Black/white polka dot skirt
Shorts that actually look good on me

Cognac boots
Black leather boots
Nude wedges
Leopard flats
Red flats
Brown closed toe wedges

Black leather satchel
Leopard skinny belt

I feel funny making this list, in a way, because I'm actually very happy with my wardrobe.  But, I know myself and myself likes to shop.  Making this list and sticking to my budget will insure that I stay happy with  my closet!

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