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January 2014 Budgeting Bloggers

This year, I will be documenting my monthly clothing budget.  I will show you my budget for each month and what I bought with it.  Every month, I have $60 to spend towards clothing.  Some months might be more, because I use Ebates to shop online.  During the months that I receive money from Ebates, that amount will also go towards my clothing budget (next month!  yay!).

I didn't have any "extra" money in January, so my budget was $60.

January 2014 Budgeting Bloggers

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You all know that I thrift a lot, but I actually didn't visit Goodwill much this month!  My clothing purchases were quite Gap-centric (uh, and stripes were also kind of present.  Just a little bit.).  I happened upon a really great online Gap sale.  They had a coupon code for 50% off clearance.  I purchase the dress ($14.99), sweater($8.99), and tank ($2.49) for a grand total of $26.47.

The dress is so pretty and immediately caught my eye.  I don't have enough dresses that I feel are strictly work appropriate, but this one fits the bill.  Navy, in my opinion, is a neutral so this will be easily remixed into my wardrobe.  I originally ordered a medium petite, but it was too fitted around my hips.  I exchanged it for a large petite, which fits perfectly.  

If you haven't sensed a theme, I went a little crazy over navy/white stripes this month.  The striped sweater was initially disappointing.  I had ordered a medium petite...

Petite tops fit me in the shoulders/sleeves but not always the length and bottom hem.  And such was the case with this sweater.  Not only was the sweater too short/tight at the hem, but the sides are actually split at the ribbing.  So, I would've exposed skin above my waist line and I'm not comfortable with that look.  While I was exchanging the dress, I also exchanged the sweater for a regular medium.  It fits perfectly, but the split sides still bother me.  To make it work, I'm just going to sew up the split sides and call it a day.  Or, if I'm lazy, I could always wear a button-up under it.

I added the tank to the order to get free shipping, since it was cheaper than the cost of the shipping.  It's not my favorite style of tank and is definitely more of a filler item.  Maybe I'll use it at the beach, over my bathing suit?

Not only did I order from Gap's site, but I also placed my first order on Thred Up and purchased a pair of Gap cropped pants.  I've been wanting a pair of black, cropped pants to wear to work and I decided that the Gap Slim Cropped Pants looked nice enough to try.  That 50% off clearance coupon I mentioned before for the Gap site was also good for 40% regular priced items, but unfortunately I realized that their Premium Pants weren't included in that code.  

I started searching online for them, and found two pairs on thredUP's site.  I purchased this one pair (pictured above with the items from Gap) and they look like they've never been used!  All total, I paid $4.98 for them.  $1.99 + $2.99 shipping.  I had a $10 off code saved in my account that I finally used on my first order, otherwise they would have cost $14.98 (which still would've been deal, given the pants are $54.95 regular retail).  Oh, and they fit perfectly.  I might order the second pair on thredUP's site next month, if they're still there.

Budgeting Bloggers January 2014

I went by Goodwill once this month and found a polka-dot button up (100% silk!) and a grey sweater.  I don't recognize the brand of the sweater, but the button up is actually from Wal-Mart. The tag looks old-ish.  I paid a grand total of $8.52 for those two items.

I also was gifted a few sweaters from a coworker.  The red one is from new York & Company and the green one is from Hollister.  I've already paired the red one with a denim shirt and dark pants.  The green one has yet to be worn, but it will look great with leggings and boots.

As far as other closet additions, I was sent a top by Sammy Dress and a ring by Anjolee.

January Budget: $60

Gap Tank = $2.49
Gap Sweater = $8.99
Gap Dress = $14.99
Gap Pants (via thredUP) = $4.98
Polka dot button-up = $4.26
Grey Cardigan = $4.26

Remaining: $20.03

The remaining amount will go towards my February budget!

What did you buy this month?  Do you like these kinds of posts?  It was fun for me to look back and decide if I spent my money wisely (which I think I did!).

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