Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just keeping' it real

Winter Office Fashion 1

Winter Office Fashion 2
Button-up was gifted; Skirt was thrifted

Don't mind my dirty bathroom mirror, this wonky outfit post, or my half smile.  My hubby wasn't available to take my picture this particular morning.  Normally, I would go sans photo and just deal.  But, those tend to be the days that I absolutely love my outfit.

And let's face it.  If it doesn't get photographed, it never happened.  If it never happened, I don't remember my awesome outfits.  If I don't remember my awesome outfits, then you don't get to see them after I repeat them (but if they never 'happened' in the first place, is it really a repeat?).

So you see, I had to take this weird picture just for that fact.  And next time (which will be a real repeat, not a fake one), I'll have the hubster take a proper picture of it.  

Without a bin of scarves lurking in the background.

Organization at its best, folks!  At least I know where to find them.

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