Monday, January 27, 2014

Makeup Monday: Biologique Recherche P50V

Biologique Recherche P50V Lotion

Behold, the most amazing exfoliating toner known to man.

It may smell like stinky cheese feet, but it gets the job done.

How about that for a tag line?  Biologique Recherche should hire me on their marketing team.  Although, I admit, there may be a bit of a language barrier...  All joking aside, this is the toner of all toners (at least, for me).  I heard about this from none other than Caroline, skin care goddess.

You can read all about the toner here or you can continue on and read my paraphrased version.  Basically, it exfoliates your face and helps maintain a healthy pH balance.  If you've ever done any research into skin care, you'll know that the more alkaline your skin is, the more likely you are to break out.  Acne is less likely to thrive in an acidic environment, which is why using topical exfoliants (alpha hydroxy acid, etc.,) helps acne-prone skin.

I have tried quite a few exfoliating toners in the past, and this has been the best, by far.

The smell, as I said, can be off putting.  I've really gotten used to it and love the way my skin has reacted to it.  At first, I was using it day and night but it is better for me to use it once in the evening.  Also, if you have a zit that has popped or been popped (gross.  sorry.), this will take care of it.  I've seen spots dry up magically in two days from using this stuff.

Now, there are three versions. There is the original version that has phenol in it (P50), there is this one, and there is a third for more mature, more dry skin (P50W).  I purchased P50V, because it's recommended that super sensitive skin start with that one.  I'm so happy with this one, it's not necessary for me to purchase the P50.  Although, I would love to try it one day to compare.

I ordered mine from Rescue Spa in Philadelphia, which is the only place I've been able to find it online. 

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