Monday, January 6, 2014

Makeup Monday: Revlon Photoready Shadow Links

revlon shadow links 2

Revlon Shadow Links in Oyster, Bone, Blush, Taupe, and Plum (bottom to top)

 Well, it had to happen eventually.  This is going to be my first negative-ish review since I've started doing Makeup Mondays.

These eyeshadows are the Revlon Photoready Shadow Links that Revlon came out with a month or two ago.  They are single eyeshadows that you purchase individually for $2.99.  The shadows slide together so you can create a custom palette.

Now, I have never used a Revlon eyeshadow that I've liked.  But, I was hopeful and open-minded about their quality.  For the record, I have heard really great things about their Color Stay Eyeshadow Quads, but I haven't tried those.  My point being, I'm sure that not all Revlon eyeshadows are bad.


So, I totally bought into the gimmick with these.  The quality just isn't there for me, though.  The formulation is not smooth and it's hard to pick up the product on both my fingers and my eyeshadow brushes.  In fact, I took photos of swatches and you couldn't even see four of the shadows on my skin.  The purple was slightly pigmented, but no where near what I expected.

As much as I regret purchasing these, it actually makes me want to try the Color Stay quads.  Maybe that will be my next purchase!

Have you tried these or any other Revlon eyeshadows?  Any colors you recommend in the Color Stay quads?

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