Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Outfit Round Up January - June

2013 Outfit Roundup Jan Jun

So, it's that time!  Time for an outfit round up of 2013.  Today, I'm bringing you my faves from January through June.

And all I have to say is .... I was so much skinnier at the beginning of the year.

But let's not be negative, shall we?

Let's try that again.  There was (and still is) more of me to love at the end of 2013!  *cue applause*

No, but really.  I love all of these outfits and there are some pieces that I can't wear anymore because my hips magically decided to widen even farther.  I had far too much access to sweets during the holidays, so I'm on a mission to eat healthy, like I used to.

Wait, this was supposed to be about outfits!

At the beginning of the year, I was wearing a good variety of styles.  Stripes, skirts, pants, layers.  The cooler months are my jam, so those tend to be my favorite outfits.  Moving on into the warmer months, those outfits aren't my absolute favorites.  My comfort zone during the spring and summer consists of chambray, stripes (of course), and well-fitting capris.

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing my favorite outfits from July through December!

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