Thursday, January 9, 2014

Outfit Round Up July - December

2013 Outfit Roundup Jul Dec

Today is the round up of my outfits from July through December.  I really, really love all of these outfits.  Throughout the year, I honed in on what makes me comfortable and the styles that feel like me.  Before I started blogging about clothes, I had started experimenting with different shapes and colors and patterns.  Now that I've kind of gone through a lot of good/bad thrifting and purchases, I feel more like me in classics styles and a mostly neutral palette.  Of course, I love bright colors and will always love trying different things, but I am happiest when my closet is simplified.  Buying less things that I love more has made me happier with my wardrobe.

I'm even okay with buying things at brand name/department stores.  Those of you who have read my thrifting posts might be going "whaaaa?"  Ha, not but really.  You'd probably be super surprised to know that I purchased a pair of J. Crew pixie pants right before Christmas.  I definitely did not pay full price, but still.  Paying $68 for a pair of pants, when I'm used to $4.38 at Goodwill is quite a jump.  I know I will be happier with the pixie pants than I could ever be with pants I've bought used.

That being said, I will never give up my Goodwill, Forever 21 or cheap shirts from China (via Ebay).  I just can't.  I like to think my wardrobe is a vast mix of high end and low end, as is my makeup and skin care.

So, anyways.  This post is going all over the place and it's heading into the area of my post tomorrow, which will be my goals for 2014.  I'll end it here and see you tomorrow!

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