Friday, January 10, 2014

State of the Blog

I am probably late to the game with this, but I wanted to talk about my goals ... or, non-goals for 2014 today.

At the beginning of 2013, I had really simple goals.  I wanted to keep on blogging (duh), do monthly favorites, and work on a redesign.  Well, I'm still here, I do favorites posts at the end of every month, and I had someone redesign the blog at the beginning of this year.

Bam.  Goals complete.

I also started my Youtube channel in June, which was kind of on a whim.  I had thought about starting a channel for a while but felt shy about going through with it.  Then, one day, I realized it was so silly to be shy about it.  I mean, if I failed at it, more than likely it would be due to no one watching my channel.  Thus, no audience to see me fail.  And if I succeed (still working on that), well then there you go.  Or there I go.

So, what's next for Rebecca Lately?  I have a few small goals, but mostly I just want to stick around here and keep it up.  Blogging is so much fun to me, and so is Youtube.  I just want to be successful in both venues.  When I started this blog, it was strictly fashion.  And even at that, I didn't have a niche carved for myself.  More and more, I feel like a working mom fashion blogger, if such a category exists.  Even so, I want to include more casual outfits because I feel like not having restraints on my outfits (i.e., dress code for work) really shows my "true" style.  Does that make sense?

In other bloggy news, I've been thinking about getting a new camera forever, which would help me take my photography and videos to the next level.  My pie in the sky dream is the Canon Rebel T3i.  Saving for that would take forever, so I will be getting one of the Sony NEX's around the spring/summer time.  The NEX has auto focus, which will help with my videos.  The Rebel T3i doesn't have auto focus, so that would be so much fun to learn (setting up shots, etc)!  Baby steps, baby steps...

I also want to try my hand at blog design, so you might see a new look here on the blog if I can figure all that out.  If everything looks the same at the end of the year, I'll be okay with that, too.  Along with growing my social media channels, I want to connect with more people and brands.  Through the Social Fabric shoppertunities I participated in, I discovered that I love promoting brands.  I don't know how people feel about that sort of thing, but another goal of mine is to look for opportunities to experience and promote more brands here that are in line with my style and life.

Something new coming every month is my linking up with Fran's budgeting bloggers.  Will and I have lived on a budget for a very long time (well... since we got married) but I've never documented my clothing expenditures here.  I'm not sure how exciting my budget will be for everyone, as it's $60 a month.  :)  I think it will be fun to improve my wardrobe and document it.

As far as personal goals, the list goes on.  I want to knit more this year, read one book a month, get back into yoga, wake up earlier every day (I used to be such an early riser), cook my way through Martha Stewart's Cooking School book, and get crafty more.  I want to eliminate waste in my life, whether it be wasting time or energy or money or space.  I want to push myself more, but I also want to balance that with relaxing more.  We (as a family) want to travel more and have fun.  Most of all, I want to look back at 2014 when it's December 31 and think that this was the best year ever.

Most importantly, my biggest goal for 2014 is to stop comparing myself and my blog to others.  Sometimes, I feel like my blog isn't successful because I haven't done x, y, or z.  But, I'm here and having fun and that's successful enough for me!  I love you guys and it's awesome that you come here to read my blog.

For anyone who's interested, these are my five most viewed posts from 2013:
A lip gloss review
A hair tutorial
A Pinterest challenge from February
An outfit
A blogiversary giveaway

Is it not funny that only one is related to fashion?

Thank you so much for sticking around and reading my little blog.  I sincerely appreciate you all and hope you have an amazing 2014!

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