Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The thrifting bug has returned

Winter Casual Fashion 1

Winter Casual Fashion 2

Winter Casual Fashion 3

Winter Casual Fashion 4

Top and cardigan were thrifted

I've spent the last few months not thrifting, hence the lack of Thrifty Thursday posts.  It seemed like every day I was busy during my lunch hour and when I didn't have errands to run, all I wanted to do was sit and read in my car.

Well, my first thrifting trip was fruitful.  I found this sweater, which I've already worn about a dozen times.  I also found a black and white polka dot button-up.  That has ruffles down the button band.  Need I say more?  I need to dry clean it first but rest assured it will be in an outfit soon.  I've been looking for a polka dot button-up for a while.  I can already tell it'll be a favorite item, along with this cardigan.

Uhh.. and you might see this cardigan again next week.  Just sayin'.  I have no shame!

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