Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An ode to layering

Winter Casual Fashion 1

Winter Casual Fashion 2

Winter Casual Fashion 3

Winter Casual Fashion 4
Button-up was thrifted

What's your favorite part of dressing for winter?

Mine is layering.  Bring on the layering!  Layer socks, shirts, necklaces, sweaters!  Layer everything!

Despite being warm (hello, wind), it's a fun way to play with colors and textures.  This is the sweater I mentioned in my January Budgeting Bloggers post, and as you can see I decided to not sew up the sides. I had no idea how I would handle that task (sew it up with yarn or thread?) or what technique to use (if by thread, sew by hand or use a machine?).  I decided to layer a button-up under it to solve the "problem."

And what do you know?  Layering has saved me time (and effort)!

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