Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting dressed without a mirror

Winter Casual Fashion 4

Winter Casual Fashion 5
Cardigan was gifted

Being a mom has definitely had an impact on my fashion choices.  I need things to be easy and comfortable, while maintaining my personal style.  I've run the gamut during these (nearly) 7 years of being a mom.  After our first was born, I tried to maintain my status quo and didn't purchase a lot of new clothes for myself.  Back then, my clothing choices made me feel too young.  I wasn't sporting any mini skirts or anything "young" like that, but my outsides didn't match my insides.  I needed more grown up styles and fumbled around for quite a long time with what I wanted my style to be.

In fact, I went through a long phase where I rarely looked in the mirror after I'd gotten dressed.  Just dress and go!  That's what I would do.  In fact, during a shopping trip with a friend at that time, I remember trying on some pieces and asking her opinion.  She took a moment to formulate an opinion before I stopped her and said, "Just tell me if it looks bad.  I don't really care with how good it looks.  I don't even look in the mirror in the morning."

And her face!  I will never forget how shocked she was when I said that.  Needless to say, I've come a long way since then.

But, there will always be a day every once in a while when looking in the mirror isn't an option.  And on those days, I feel like Cher Horowitz.  Only, less glam.  ...If you can call 90's Valley Girl style glam.


This was one such day.  It was a 'dress and go' day, but I decided to capture it anyway.  We were just around the house for the day, but we were going to be outside for a bit and I didn't want to look like the bum that I am.  ;)  

Winter Casual Fashion 6

This little monkey loves having her picture taken.  And she always gives me her opinion about my clothes.  Most of the time she says "I like that."  But, for the record, she hates all my boots.

Don't ask me why.

She love all my necklaces, though!

Winter Casual Fashion 7

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