Saturday, February 22, 2014



Sweater // Pajama Pants // Slippers // Book // Mug

I've had quite a few snow days over the past two months, so I now consider myself an expert in relaxing (biggest joke ever.  have you ever been "snowed in" with three restless kids?).  If I'm honest, I was just as restless as they were.  I cleared out a bunch of things from around the house and took a ton of stuff to Goodwill.

Well, if I don't know how to relax, I know how to look like I am!  I spent those days in my pajama bottoms and chunky sweaters.  When I could sneak a moment to myself (there are not enough hiding spots in our house! seriously!), coffee was my go-to treat, along with macarons.  And if I could have, I would've been burying my nose in a book.

Is it weird that I'm relaxing vicariously through my own blog?

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