Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Office Fashion

Winter Office Fashion

Winter Office Fashion
Button-up was gifted // Cardigan and skirt were thrifted

There's nothing I love more than dressing for the fall and winter.  If I could be snuggled up in tights and sweaters year round, I would be.

I suppose this is why I loved living in Alaska so much.  Cold weather that allows you to be indoors under a blanket with a book for nearly nine months out of the year?  Yes, please, and can I have a hot chocolate?

Our weather has been so up and down lately.  One day it's humid, the next it's frigid cold.  North Carolina, can you please be cold for a month straight?  I promise to not complain about the humidity that will inevitably be here at the end of February if I could just have one (ONE) month of sheer, frigid cold.  

Minus wind.  I don't want wind.

How about you?  Do you love the cold, or do you wait patiently for summer?

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