Monday, March 31, 2014

Budgeting Bloggers: March 2014

I am so excited for today's post.  I am really enjoying these Budgeting Blogger posts.  It's fun to go over my purchases for the month.  My monthly budget is always at least $60, but I had a little left over from last month and some other money to add to my budget.  March's budget was $92.71.

I decided that for March I would focus on more springy items.  Dressing for warmer weather is not my forte. I mean, I can pair a top with a skirt just like anyone else, but cold weather dressing is way more fun to me.

My wardrobe needs more brights and florals, so I knew this top from Forever 21 would be perfect.  They were running a special deal for free shipping on orders $23 or more, so I added these earrings to get the free shipping.  I got the total pretty close to $23.  :)

forever 21 march

I found a couple of "skirts" at Goodwill.  They had to be altered a bit.  The reason I said "skirt" was because the top skirt was actually a dress.  It had a flimsy, stretchy jersey tank top ... top.  The top was nowhere near the quality of the skirt.  So, I had the top taken off.  Voila, a lovely skirt!  The bottom skirt was so long.  I think it was supposed to be a midi, but on me it was almost floor length.  I had it hemmed up to midi-ish length.  It basically hits the bottom of my knees now, and it's perfect.  I paid $8.52 for these skirts

Goodwill March

Ahh... thredUp.  I do love me some thredUP.  I am going through a cardigan thing at the moment, because I wear them so much in the warmer months.  It can be cold in my office, and it's easy to wear a cardigan and take it off when I go outside.  The geometric print top was another great spring addition to my wardrobe. My total for this order was $25.69.  I had actually ordered two button-ups but didn't like them, so I took the cost of mailing them back out of my budget.

thredUP March

Last, but certainly not least, are these awesome Nicole wedges.  I found them on Amazon for $35.48.  Two pairs of my sandal wedges broke last year, so I'm slowly finding ones to replace them.  I want to get some brown and black wedges, but these silver ones will be perfect for now.

Amazon March

Here's my budget break down:

Budget          $92.71

Forever 21    $23.06
Goodwill           8.52
thredUP          25.69
Amazon          35.48

Total             $92.75

Balance        -$0.04

So yeah, I'm totally over budget.  :)  I suppose I'll just take those four pennies out of next month's budget.

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