Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Faves: Polka Dots

Winter Office Fashion 3

Winter Office Fashion 4

Sweater and skirt were thrifted

If there's one thing I love, it's polka dots.  I don't think they always dress up an outfit, but they definitely add a little something.  Don't you think?

In other wardrobe news, do you remember back when I changed my closet organization.  I basically did away with my organizational method.  In fact, I thought that if I put away my clothes in the order that I wore them, that eventually the clothes that aren't used would be in the back and my faves would be in the front.  Makes sense, right?

Well, it has been driving me crazy.  When I'm rushing in the morning (that should probably say "rushing every morning"), I can't find what I want/need!  I've been putting my clothes away in the same order for almost 10 years, so I'm going back to that method.  The reason I changed in the first place was to help me be mindful in removing the clothes I don't use all the time.  I think I'll just have to do mini clean-outs more often.  In fact, I just sold my first batch of clothes to thredUP, and I had a very positive experience.  This should motivate me to cull out the items I don't want/need anymore!

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