Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Faves: Stripes

Winter Fashion 1

Winter Fashion 2

There is nothing I love wearing more than stripes.  Seriously.  Florals, chambray, and cognac colored everything has nothing on stripes.  I mean, I did got a little stripe crazy back in January.

They just look so pulled together and classy, don't you think?  Well, this dress was an immediate favorite when I ordered in January.  I imagined wearing it in the spring and summer, since it's short sleeved.  But, I really couldn't wait to wear it.  The neckline is a little awkward under a cardigan, but let's be honest.  That's an easy thing to overlook when we're talking about navy and cream stripes.  And especially when it goes so well with my cognac boots!

Are you a stripe fanatic?  It seems that most people either love them or feel 'meh' about them.

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