Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Wish List of Sorts

Target Faves 1

Target Faves 2

Target Faves 3
Top // Jeans // Flats (Similar) // Necklace (Similar)

Life and work have been pretty crazy since about the beginning of March.  I am ready for things to slow down, and I am actually counting down the weeks until our summer hours start.  During the summer, I work four long days and have Fridays off.  Um.. Yay.  I have never looked forward to working those long days during the summer, but this year feels different.  I am ready to have a down day during the week.

Until things slow down,  I've found little ways to reduce my stress.  Chai tea lattes in the afternoon, reading a book in my car during lunch, or... you guessed it ... wandering the aisles of Target.

Target is usually bad for my checkbook, and this month has been no different.  I picked up this green top and *ahem* I paid full price for it.  The last time I paid full price for a shirt at Target, it became my most favoritest shirt ever.  So, of course when I saw this (and it's cream version), they had to come home with me.

It didn't take me long to figure out the only problem with this shirt.  It wrinkles like you wouldn't believe! Only, I just supplied you with photographic evidence, so I'm sure you can believe it.  Unless you think I photoshopped those wrinkles into the picture.  In which case, I didn't.

So, I'm 99% sure I don't care about the wrinkles.  I just need to iron it immediately before I wear it.  No biggie, for the person who can barely get out of bed on time on a normal day.

Here are some more things I've been eyeing at Target:

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