Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An unintentional picture of my Easter dress

Easter Dress 1

Easter Dress 2

Easter Dress 3
Old Navy Dress // Forever 21 Necklace (Similar) // New Directions Cardigan (similar) // 
Thrifted belt (Similar) // Target tights // Forever 21 Boots

So, here's a weird/funny story.  I took these pictures back ... at some point.  I don't remember when. They've been sitting on my computer since then, and I wasn't sure if I was going to post them.

Easter Sunday came around and an interesting succession of events happened.  One, our air conditioning/heat hasn't been working for two weeks and we won't be able to get a new unit until this Friday. Two, the weather was uncharacteristically cold for Easter.  Three, our house was a bit chilly due to #1 and #2.  Four, it felt like everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong that morning. This included but was not limited to my oversleeping, kids being kids, my eyes being swollen when I woke up (hello, dry eye + inflamed eyelids.  that's always fun), and the gloomy weather having a bad affect on my mood.

By the time I had 30 (yes, 30) minutes to shower, put on (minimal) makeup, and get dressed, this was the only outfit that came to mind.  Due to said time constraint I couldn't get a picture.  But!  I had already taken these, so it worked out.

Does that ever happen to you on holidays?  It seems more often than not, holidays are hectic and chaotic and just weird for us.  I kind of hate that.  I miss the time when holidays were laid back and I could enjoy them.

Anyways, this is going down a weird rabbit trail.  The point is, I was going to wear an amazing thrifted dress for Easter but ended up wearing this instead.  My life is crazy busy and my eyelids are swollen.  Or, were swollen.  Maybe it's a good idea that I didn't take pictures.  Yay for eye doctors!

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