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This year, I will be documenting my monthly clothing budget.  I will show you my budget for each month and what I bought with it.  Every month, I have a base budget of $60 to spend towards clothing.  Some months might be more, because I use Ebates to shop online and I also earn money through affiliate links.  Sometimes I have 'real life' side jobs, and sometimes (most of the time) I add that money into my clothing budget.

For April, between my base $60 and extra money coming in, my clothing budget was $186.13.  That's after my four little pennies were taken out from being over last month's budget, hehehe.  I had a good time shopping this month.  I was really picky and only kept things that I love.  Shopping was maybe a little too fun, because I've already spent some of May's budget.  But, anyways!  That's for next month's budget post.  :)

On with the clothes!

Budgeting Bloggers April 1

I ordered a few things from thredUP this month, but these are the only items I kept.  I had sold some clothes to them and had just under $20 to put towards this skirt, which is Vera by Vera Wang, and these denim leggings, which are these from GAP.  I was hesitant to keep the denim leggings, because I won't get a lot of use out of them right now.  When I ordered them, I thought they were more like skinny jeans.  They are a bit tighter than that.  When I tried them on, I immediately imagined them tucked into boots.  I decided to keep them, because it's hard to find skinny jeans that don't get bunched up in boots.  There were a couple items that I mailed back to thredUP, so the postage for that also came out of my budget.  After my credits for selling clothes, the cost of these items, and the cost of the postage, I spent $18.62 at thredUP.

Budgeting Bloggers April 2

Old Navy has been killing it lately!  I added to both my dress collection and my d'orsay flat collection.  These shoes are now a staple in my wardrobe.  I have them in red as well.  This dress feels so comfortable, and I ended up wearing it for Easter. I spent a little more than I would have on this dress, because Old Navy was running a 'buy one, get one 50% off' sale on dresses and I bought two.  The other color (which was gray) didn't look great on me, and I liked this one too much to return it.  I spent $40.34 at Old Navy this month.

Budgeting Bloggers April 3

I also placed an order with Forever 21.  I got these heels, which I've been wanting for a long, long time.  They are a bit taller than I thought they would be, but I love the color so much.  I wore them in this post.  I spent $21.17.

Please excuse the fuzzy picture, but this was the best pic I could find of my maxi skirt from Groopdealz.  And it isn't even the right color, as I purchased a black one.  I've been hesitant to buy clothes on that site, because there isn't a standard size chart.  I am super happy with this skirt.  I don't know why it's been so hard to find a plain black maxi skirt, but I snapped this one up when I found it!  I paid $17.98.

Budgeting Bloggers April 4

These were my thrifty finds from this month!  I purchased a few more things from Goodwill this month, but I'm taking them out of May budget.  So, you'll see those next month!  The skirt on the left is so nice.  It's Adam Levine and looks like dark chambray.  So, so pretty!  I've worn it already but haven't posted the outfit yet.  The shirt is from American Eagle.  I was super surprised it fit me.  I can't remember the last time I wore something from that brand!  I've kept my eye out for a bright plaid for about a year, and this one is perfect.  The skirt on the right is Ann Taylor LOFT, and it's going to be perfect for work.  I think I've filled my quota of black/white and gray LOFT skirts for now...  I spent $12.21 at Goodwill this month.

Budgeting Bloggers April 5

Last but most certainly not least is Everlane.  I decided to place a hefty-ish Everlane order, because I've been craving plain tees on the weekend.  I decided to try their U-neck tees.  And you guys!  I love them more than the v-necks.  In fact, I think I'll order a couple more next month in different colors.  I ordered a white, black, and stone.  I also ordered their short-sleeved sweat shirt in heather grey and I love that as well.  It's a little stiff, but I think it will soften up as I wash and wear it.  In our house, I'm usually the cold one and my husband is warm and wants to run the fans.  I find myself reaching for my sweatshirts more often than not, but I hate wearing a big bulky thing when I'm around the house!  This is perfect for that, and I'd like to try layering it over a button-up in the fall/winter.

Budget                $186.13

thredUP              $  18.62
Old Navy                40.34
Forever 21              21.17
Groopdealz             17.98
Goodwill                 12.21
Everlane                  75.00

Total                   $  185.32

Balance              $       0.81

So, it might look like I did great this month, but I really didn't.  I've already spent some of my May budget, so..... yeah. #shopaholic  There's just something about the changing of the seasons that makes me want to shop!

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