Friday, April 4, 2014

FRIDAY FAVES: Pattern mixing (kind of)

Winter Casual Fashion 1

Winter Casual Fashion 2

Winter Casual Fashion 3
Sweater was thrifted

All you fashion bloggers out there, do you get to the end of a season and have outfit left overs?  You know, outfits you never posted but now they're irrelevant because the seasons have changed?

I only ended up with one leftover from the winter!  I remember last year, I had a huge back log of outfits and I just kept posting them and posting them even though we were far into spring.  Putting them all together in one post makes more sense, so I decided to do that for this year.

And then I ended up with only one left over!  I would actually save it for next year, but Izzie will be much bigger than this next year and then the whole thing would be even more irrelevant.

So, let's talk about her pattern mixing, shall we?  Those shoes, man.  She loves those shoes, and I don't have the heart to tell her they don't actually go with everything.  She puts them with chevron, stripes, casual pants, dressy pants, and apples (apparently ... at least I think that's what the pattern on her dress is).  She is so strongly opinionated about those shoes, that we just go with the flow.  This past weekend, she wore a madras sleeveless top, this cardigan, black/white striped leggings, pink/blue striped socks with cat faces, and these shoes.

And she was so dang happy.  Pattern mixing for the win!

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