Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Faves: Shorts

Friday Faves: Shorts
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Bottom: Left // Middle // Right

This week's Friday Faves is a bit of an anti-faves.

Hear me out.

I am not a fan of shorts.  No matter how skinny or not skinny I've been in my life, I just haven't ever loved my legs.  And that's okay!  I don't need to love every bit of my body to be confident.  But, it has meant that shorts are not a popular item in my wardrobe.

Friends, I am determined to like shorts this year ... or, at least get as close to liking as I can.  Does that make sense?  I just need to find that perfect pair of shorts.  I've even considered making my own, but I want to find ready-made ones first if I can!

So, for this Friday Faves, I would love if you could tell me what your favorite brand and sytle of shorts are!

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