Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nashona: One Skirt, Three Ways

Nashona 17

Today, I am so excited to introduce you all to Nashona.  Nashona is an amazing company that I just learned about a few months ago.  Nashona was founded by Lillian and Penni, who met as student and teacher at a local community college.  They both love fashion and started Nashona together.

It spans two cultures, as their clothing and accessories are made in Tanzania (Lillian's home country) and are sold here in North Carolina.  Each piece is completely individual.  They make only five sizes (xs, s, m, l, xl) in each fabric.  So, you literally have the only piece in your size!

Their prints are amazing and are surprisingly versatile.  Each print is so incredibly eye-catching!

Not only do they make amazing clothes, but they also give back to the communities in North Carolina and Tanzania.  At our local community college, they are starting up a scholarship for working moms going back to school.  How awesome is that?  As a mom who worked and went to school, this makes me so happy for the future recipient of the scholarship!

This summer, Lillian will be traveling to Tanzania to The Shalom Children's Orphanage in Karatu.  They will be presenting checks to a couple students so they can attend school!

Lillian and Penni are doing amazing things, and I am so happy to show how I styled the skirt they gifted me.

Nashona 16

Nashona 1

Nashona 2

Nashona 3
Tee // Skirt c/o // Flats // Necklace c/o Rose Wholesale (similar)

I love this outfit for a casual weekend.  My Everlane tees are perfect with this skirt!

Nashona 4

Nashona 5

Nashona 6

Nashona 7
Button-up // Skirt c/o // Belt (Similar) // Heels // Necklace

This look is perfect for work.  I love a good button-up/skirt combo, but the pattern mixing keeps it interesting.

Nashona 8

Nashona 9

Nashona 10

Nashona 12
Pink Bracelet c/o Nashona

Nashona 13

Nashona 14

Nashona 15
Button-up (similar) // Skirt // Belt (similar) // Heels // Necklace (similar)

Of the three looks, this is my favorite.  These heels are perfect with this skirt.  This is a great going out look!

You can check Nashona out here.

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