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This year, I will be documenting my monthly clothing budget.  I will show you my budget for each month and what I bought with it.  Every month, I have a base budget of $60 to spend towards clothing.  Some months might be more, because I use Ebates to shop online, earn a little money through brand collaborations and affiliate links, and sometimes have a side job that gets added to my base budget. This month's budget was $301.20.


Groopdealz sucked me in again.  Last month, I purchased a maxi skirt.  This month, I purchased a shirt. This is a loose-fitting, hi-lo top. The back is sheer, so I will have to wear a tank underneath.  I picked the right size (yay).  I haven't worn it yet, but I suspect it will be worn more when it gets really hot.  I paid $17.98.


Another Forever 21 order!  I placed a large order, and this is all I kept.  This skirt is so nice.  I am forever (ha, see what I did there?) impressed with their Love 21 section.  It seems to be getting better and better.  I've been wanting a midi skirt for a while, and I think this color will be fun in summer.  The lure of cheap costume jewelry is strong, even online.  So, yeah.  Necklace.  This order was $28.67.


I apologize for the low quality of two of these pictures, but by the time I remembered to find pictures of the boat neck tops they weren't online anymore.  Or, at least they don't have these colors online anymore.  The top two are so nice and well made (for Target).  I've worn them numerous times since I purchased them.  And (shocker) I paid full price for them.  They were each $19.98, and I don't regret it one bit.  I've paid full price for one other top at Target and didn't regret it, so I went with my gut on that purchase.  The boat necks were purchased when they went on special for $9 ($9!!!!). I am super happy with those, too.  I spent 61.89 at Target.


So, three things: thredUP, blue, and cardigans.  I have had such great luck with buying cardigans from thredUP, I've been a cardigan-stalker lately.  The navy and the navy striped are both GAP, the button-up is linen and from LOFT, and the two blue cardigans are LOFT and Old Navy.  I spent $62.43.


Ahh.. Goodwill.  I went to Goodwill with Ashley way back in April.  How sad that my May budget was being spent back then?  Very.  Anyways!  It's always hard to turn down cheap clothes at Goodwill.  I found a couple of cute tops, a lace skirt, and a pretty dress.  I only spent $15.97.


Old Navy has been a fave lately.  They (apparently) have Pixie Jeans (on the bottom left), so I picked up a pair of those.  I don't like them as much as the dressier pants.  I feel like I could've gone a size down and been happier.  They stretch out too much during the day.  Might have to throw those in the dryer!  I also got a pair of the Rockstar Clean Front Capris (on the right).  Funny thing, these "capris" went past my heels, so I got them hemmed to my ankles.  So.. now they're my Rockstar Clean Front "Ankle Pants."  :)  Also, I finally (FINALLY) found a pair of shorts that I actually like.  These are the Boyfriend Bermudas in the 7 inch inseam.  They are perfect!  The jeans in the middle have become my new "go to" pair of jeans.  They are called the Rockstar Crop Jeans.  The inseam is 24 inches, which is exactly what my short legs need.  I spent $87.48.


I work with amazing people who bring me clothes to look through before they put them in garage sales. :)  That's what happened with this smorgasbord of clothes.  Her dresses were $3 and shirts were $1.  I also purchased a pair of yoga capris, but I didn't include them in the pictures.  I spent $26.

And that was my month of May!  Another month, another load of clothes that I'm immensely happy with. I said that my April shopaholic-ness was due to the weather change, but I have no excuse this month.  I do have to say, though, that I'm much happier with the choice of casual bottoms I have for the summer.

Budget           $301.20

Groopdealz        17.98
Forever 21         28.67
Target                61.89
thredUP             62.43
Goodwill            15.97
Old Navy           87.48
Random            26.00

Total              $300.42

Balance                 .78

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