Monday, May 26, 2014

MAKEUP MONDAY: Nail Polish for Spring

Spring Nail Polishes 1

So, a funny thing happened while I was picking nail polishes for my spring line up.  I realized I have way too many nail polishes.  #forreal  I wanted to include about 20 in this post, but had to narrow it down!  Also, I lost one of the polishes that I featured in my spring nail polishes video.  Somewhere between filming and putting everything away, one of my favorite colors went missing.  How that happened, I will never know. #sadtimes

Spring Nail Polishes 2

I've put these in order from nude to dark, with a glitter in between.

Zoya Pandora

This is one of those neutrals that's so hard to pin down.  Is it pink?  Grey?  Nude?  Greige, even?  I don't know.  Maybe it's all of those things.  When I see this color, I clichely (new word) think "this is chic."  I like wearing nude-y shades on my fingernails, because it's not super obvious when they start to chip.

Wet n Wild Megalast in Sugar Coat

This brand is one of the best from the drugstore, in my opinion, and one of the cheapest!  At $1.99, you can not beat this.  These polishes last a long time.  Even though I type all day at work, my fingernails don't chip until the third day.  I wish they had more colors, but this pale pink is one of my most-used shades.

Wet n Wild Megalast in Tropicalia

Same polish, different color.  I love this gorgeous coral-y pink for the summer time.  Last year, I wore this one my toes for a month straight before it started chipping.

Zoya The Small Things Blog (limited edition.  eep.)

This is more of a red-coral.  In my opinion, the redder tones make it more of a 'wear with everything' color. I also really love this formula.  It has a gel consistency that makes it look like a shellac manicure.  It's extremely shiny.

Julep Niecy

Over the past year, I've become such a fan of the Julep polishes.  Every polish I've used from them is so opaque.  One coat will do, and then you're done (save the top coat, of course).  Not much to say about the color, other than it's a gorgeous pink that would be perfect for everyone.

Julep Love (swatch)

This lovely glittery shade was in the February box and, as such, is named Love.  The glitter in this polish is amazing!  It's not all glitter, thought.  It's a bit metallic, and it has red and pink glitter particles.  I first applied this straight to my nails, and it was awful.  It took forever to remove it, so I definitely recommend applying it over a cream color.  I like wearing this over the Niecy.  Oh, and a plus?  It's scented!

Color Club Pardon my French

This is part of a Color Club collection through Birchbox.  Of the four colors, this became my favorite.  It looks really great when you have a little color on your skin.  Perfect for the summer!

Revlon Colorstay Rich Raspberry

And how could this be any season round up without a Revlon product?  I love their Colorstay polishes, and how pretty is this raspberry color?  For the summer, it's a bit dark but still fresh.  This would be lovely for a night out with the girls.

What will you be wearing on your nails this summer?

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