Monday, June 23, 2014

Makeup Monday: Essential Oils

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I've always been interested in beauty, but lately I've been learning more about how my internal health affects my outward appearance.  Like I said a couple weeks ago, life is hectic right now.  And, honestly, I can't remember the last time life wasn't hectic.  If I could think really hard (I'm tired), it was probably before our oldest started kindergarten.  I dream of those days when coming home meant cooking, eating, playing, relaxing, and going to bed.  Homework throws a wrench into everything.

I'm sure all kids everywhere can agree with that.

So, stress.  I am no stranger to it, and lately it's been taking a toll on my outward appearance.  My skin is less vibrant, there are dark circles under my eyes, and I'm just generally worn out.  Although there's little I can do to minimize our schedule, short of quitting my job (obviously can't happen), I can take a little time to recharge myself every day.

It's taken me a while to figure this out, but recharging doesn't have to take half a day (although spending the afternoon at a spa would be lovely).  A few things that I like to do in the evening involve little time.  I love reading a good book or magazine, knitting, watching a feel-good movie, or using aromatherapy.

Candles are a staple in our house, and over the past year I've become interested in essential oils, too.  I started diffusing a mixture of eucalyptus and cedarwood during the fall last year, when the kids and Will and I were congested.  We also diffuse menthol when anyone is sick.  It just instantly opens your nose and makes you feel better.

When Lorraine from Created for Healing asked if I wanted to sample some oils from Young Living, I was excited.  I've seen Young Living Essential Oils pop up on the internet here and there lately.  She sent me a small sampling of oils, and I diffused most of them in the evening to help reduce stress.

The oils I liked the most for aromatherapy were Lavender (so calming!) and Raven.  Raven is actually a Young Living blend, and it's a scent I find very relaxing.  After the kids go to bed, I put some oils in my diffuser, sit back and relax!  The Peppermint and Lemon were more invigorating, so in the morning (weekends only), I put those in my oil burner while we're getting ready for the day.

Have you ever tried essential oils?  What do you use?

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