Thursday, July 31, 2014

Budgeting Bloggers: July 2014

This year, I will be documenting my monthly clothing budget.  I will show you my budget for each month and what I bought with it.  Every month, I have a base budget of $60 to spend towards clothing.  Some months might be more, because I use Ebates to shop online, earn a little money through brand collaborations and affiliate links, and sometimes have a side job that gets added to my base budget. This month's budget was $196.85.

Budgeting Bloggers July 2014

I tried Stitch Fix for the first time this month.  I paid the $20 styling fee and decided to keep this top for an additional $48, which brought this order's total to $68.  You can read about my Stitch Fix experience here.

Budgeting Bloggers July 2014

Yet again, I find a cute shirt at Target and pay full price for it.  My Target infamously sells out of my size in the things I want, so I grab them up when I see them.  I have yet to regret this method of Target purchasing.  :)  This was $24.54 after tax.

Budgeting Bloggers July 2014

A couple weekends ago, Molly, Angela, and I went shopping.  It was so much fun!  We picked the best weekend to shop, as most stores had an additional percentage off clearance.  We met at H&M, which had 50% off final clearance.  I bought these three tops and one cardigan. I paid $18.15. Huzzah!

Budgeting Bloggers July 2014

We stopped by The Limited, which is not a store at which I usually shop.  They also had 50% off clearance, so yay (obvs).  I purchased this sleeveless top to wear under cardigans at work.  This white top is very comfortable and is also great for the office.  I paid $26.66.

Budgeting Bloggers July 2014

Next, we went to Loft and Gap.  The tank on the right is from Loft, and it's part of the Lou & Grey line. Um, where have I been? The Lou & Grey line is so pretty.  I paid $19.20 for this tank top.

The top on the left is from Gap.  It's one of their Essential V-Necks.  I love it because it has a washed-out look.  This has already been worn a ton.  I paid $10.24.

We also went to Sephora and Lush.  My total clothing budget was actually quite a bit larger this month, but I spent it on other things like books, makeup, and bubble bars (yay).  If you're interested in the other things I purchased, I filmed a huge haul for my channel.  Side note: I have also made a second channel for all my book-y type things, so if you're interested in that sort of thing make sure to subscribe.  I'll be uploading my July book haul on Saturday, and I have a couple book reviews coming up next month.  End of side note!

Budget          $196.85

Stitch Fix          $68.00
Target                24.54
H&M                  18.15
The Limited        26.66
Loft                    19.20
Gap                   10.24

Total                 166.79

Balance            $30.06

Yay for being under budget.  I'll probably apply the rest of my budget to next month's Stitch Fix.

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