Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Remix Roundup

Remix Roundup Collage

So, my remix ended this morning and I wanted to post my thoughts on it, as I usually do after a remix challenge.

Most used item:
Old Navy (navy) D'orsay Flats

Least used item:
Both my cream skirt and Nashona skirt tied for this

Favorite outfit:
Green shirt/black and white skirt/black flats

This was my favorite remix so far.  I think it's partly due to knowing my style better and partly knowing how to remix better.  In previous challenges, I've chosen too many neutrals or too many patterns, etc., but this one had a nice balance.  While I was sick of the clothes by the end, I was not at all bored.  In fact, I created one extra outfit.  Go me!

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Do you like doing remix challenges?

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