Monday, August 18, 2014

Makeup Monday: Beauty Box 5 August 2014

Beauty Box 5 August 2014 2

This month's Beauty Box 5 was really good, so I just had to share it here (along with my unboxing and review on my Youtube channel).

Beauty Box 5 August 2014 1

Novex Hair Food

This is an intense Brazilian Keratin hair treatment.  I got two uses out of this packet.  And let me tell you, this is amazing!  My hair is usually dry and frizzy.  It's also very fine, so it looks fluffy most of the time (but not in a good way).  This treatment made my hair felt so strong and smooth.  It was also very easy to straighten it the next day.

La Fresh Travel Lite Oil Free Makeup Wipes

You all know I don't like makeup wipes very much, but all the La Fresh wipes I've tried have been so nice. I don't feel the need to wash my face after I use it, although I do a second wash anyways.  The scent is so pleasant.  It's fresh and floral.

Style Essentials Nail Polish (Touch of Teals Collection)

As I explained in my review video, I haven't had a chance to fully paint my nails with this.  I can't comment on its lasting power.  However, I did paint one nail to test the formulation.  I would say it's on par, if not better, than Essie.  This is nearly opaque with one coat.  In fact, I would say 1 1/2 coats would be perfect.  I also love the color I got, because it's bright but not so bright I'm limited to what I can pair with it.

Nanacoco Lip Gloss (Popular)

I was so excited when I heard a full size lip gloss would be included in this month's box!  This lip gloss is so nice and unlike the usual lip glosses I wear.  It feels thick, as if it's a liquid lipstick.  It goes on so smoothly and stays put for a long time.  It is a tad sticky, and my hair stuck to it a couple times when I was outside. I actually kept this in my desk drawer, I love it so much!

Pur-lisse Pur-Protect 30 SPF

Sunscreen is so important, and I'm always on the hung for the next best one.  I really, really like this formulation.  It's not greasy and feels great under makeup.  However, the price is not affordable for me.  I just can't justify $55 on a sun screen, when I have quite a few affordable options that I love.

This month's box was really, really great!  I love the lip gloss, nail polish, and hair treatment the most.  The makeup wipes will be super handy for travel.

What did you get this month?

p.s. I receive this box every month for review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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