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Makeup Monday: Beauty Box 5 September 2014

Beauty Box 5 September 2014 2

I feel like I say this every month, but this month's Beauty Box 5 is so great!  The theme for this month is taking care of yourself and embracing new fall trends.  The ladies at Beauty Box 5 have sent us their fall favorites.

Beauty Box 5 September 2014 1

Natural Style by FUBU Deep Conditioner & Co-Wash

This hair treatment has 8 repairing oils.  It strengthens your hair to minimize frizz.  Bonus!  It's made without sulfates, which is something I like to avoid in hair products.  If you have super curly hair, you can use it as a co-wash (which is washing your hair without shampoo).  If you don't have curly hair, you can use it as a deep conditioner.

Sally Hansen Toe Spacers

So, not much to say about these.  I think it's good to switch out your toe separators every once in a while because ... well... toes.

Chrislie Formulations 3-in-1 Eye Bright

Yess!  I am quite the fan of trying eye treatments.  I've always had dark under eye circles, and of course life makes them worse (stress, not enough sleep, etc.).  So, anything that can brighten my eye area is awesome.  This is supposed to make your skin look smoother, brighter, and firmer.

Beauty Box 5 September 2014 3

My Beauty Spot Nail Polish

This is such an eye-catching shade!  It's not a color I would've picked for myself, but I could see this being perfect for the holidays.  This polish goes on opaque in one coat, which is what I like in a nail polish.  And, it also dries quickly!

Beauty Box 5 September 2014 4

Nicka K New York Eyelight Crayon

I've received a few Nicka K products via Beauty Box 5, and they've been pretty amazing.  This one isn't ... impressive.  I love the color, but it's not as pigmented on my eye lid.  It's creases pretty bad by itself and not too bad with a primer.  I think it works better as an eyeliner.  It's a pop of color without being too crazy.  It's okay but not amazing.

Do you get Beauty Box 5?  I would love to hear what you got this month!

p.s. I am sent Beauty Box 5 every month for review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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