Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rocksbox: my second September box!

It's time for another Rocksbox, the Netflix of jewelry!  I've written about Rocksbox before, but in case you haven't heard of them, it's a jewelry rental service.  For $19 per month, you can rent three pieces of jewelry at a time.  If you want to purchase any of the jewelry, they are priced at 20% off.  I've had so much fun with my 3-month complimentary subscription!

Rocksbox September 2014 1

I made my decision on my last box so quickly, I've ended up with a second box for this month!  And, hello, I got the earrings I've been wanting!

Rocksbox September 2014 2

First things first, I really do love everything in this box.  This Urban Gem Layered Chevron Necklace is so cute.  I've worn it by itself and also with another necklace.  It got a little tangle-y with the other necklace, so it was better on its own.  At $40, I wouldn't mind purchasing this.  However, I don't wear sparkly necklaces too much. But, it's fun to wear it for a while!

Rocksbox September 2014 3

Oh my goodness, this ring. I just said I don't wear sparkly jewelry too much, but I really like this.  I guess sparkly rings are a must.  :)  This is the Melinda Maria Leaf Infinity Pave Ring.  The crystals do not go all the way around the ring, and I kind of like the non-sparkly side a little better.  This is $62 after the 20% member discount, so it's a little expensive for me.  Besides that, it feels about half a size too big.  This will be going back!

Rocksbox September 2014 4

Oh, House of Harlow.  This is the fourth HoH item I've received in my boxes.  I really like the brand's bold, classic style.  In my first box, I was sent the white version of these earrings.  I immediately asked my stylist to find the black ones.  They were out of them for a while, and now I have them!  At $28 after the member discount, I will definitely be keeping these.
I'm actually going to mail my box back today so I can get a new box.  My favorite thing about Rocksbox (besides the jewelry, duh) is that the boxes get mailed so fast.  It only takes a couple days for my box to be sent back, and a couple days later I have a new box.  Seriously.  So.  Much.  Fun.
If you haven't joined Rocksbox yet, you're gonna want to get on that.  On October 8, they will be debuting their new website!  They have a blog post all about why you should join, but let me break it down for you.
#1 I have a referral link that gives you a free month and me a referral credit.
#2 On October 8, every Rocksbox member will receive a shopping spree of either $5, $50, or $500!
#3 Jewelry.  Enough said. Am I right?
Not convinced?  You can see my previous Rockboxes here, here, and here.

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