Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Some Scores and Flops

Last week, I took some time to go thrifting.  I've said this before, but I simply lost my thrifting mojo and was waiting for it to come back.  I don't usually have time to go shopping or thrifting, so that has definitely been contributing to my lack of thrifting.  I went to look for some sweaters and skirts.  I was unlucky in the skirt department, but very successful in the top and dress racks!

Thrifty Thursday 1

How cute is this top?  I love the colors and the large floral print.  It's from Loft and while it's a size too big, I like that.  The shoulder/sleeve area fits me very well.  The larger fit will make it comfortable for weekends.  This was actually the last item I found before I went to pay.  I was doing a I-want-to-find-one-more-thing lap through the tops and it stood out to me.  I think this was $3 and some change.

Thrifty Thursday 8
This dress was another thing that caught my eye.  Literally, I was walking past the end of one of the dress racks and it was hanging right there.  I picked it up, checked the size, nodded to myself, and put it in my basket.  I absolutely love this pattern, and it has two of my favorite colors in it!  It's a tad low cut, so I'll wear a tank top underneath it.  This was $4-ish.

Enter stage left ... the flops.

And here are a couple of reasons why you should (1) listen to your gut and (b) not buy things that are not your size, even if you think you can squeeze into it or use a belt to make it look better.

Thrifty Thursday 9

This shirt dress is so cute, but it's one size too big.  Most of the time, I'm a large in dresses.  The cut of this dress is too baggy and looks so bad.  Plus, the sizes of the bottom hem are slightly cut and hemmed, so it basically looks like a baggy (albeit, cute), collared night gown.

Thrifty Thursday 10

Ahh, J. Crew.  My nemesis when it comes to Goodwill.  This is not the first J. Crew item I've purchased in the wrong size and thought "but I think I can squeeze into it, tuck it into a skirt, and pair it with a cardigan.  It'll TOTALLY work."  Yeah... it never works.  This is a size 6, and I need a size 8.  I can actually get it on, it just doesn't look good.  If you're interested in purchasing this, I'll sell it for $4 plus shipping.  If no one's interested in it by the time I fill up another thredUP bag, I'll send it to them to sell.

When do you do the most thrifting?  I think the change of the seasons gets me in the mood.

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