Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bon Look Review: A Tale of Two Glasses

Bon Look Review 1

Bon Look Review 2

Bon Look Review 3

This past month, I decided to order some new glasses.  I've had my Warby Parker Nedwins for a couple years, and I've been ready for a change.  Priscilla from The Readables has amazing glasses, and I saw on Twitter that she has the Socialites from Bon Look.  After thinking on it for a few weeks, I decided to order them.  These are $99.

I was a little nervous, since I couldn't try them on prior to ordering them. However, their 30-day return policy made me feel better.  I could at least return them if they didn't work out.  The ordering process was very easy, since I already had my prescription from my last eye appointment.  I had to scan and upload a picture of it, and that was it!

I received an update when they shipped, and they were at my front door two days later.  I love them!

I took this picture after I received them (and there are about a million pictures of my wearing them in yesterday's post).

(iPhone pic.  sorry.)

So, when I was ordering these I took the style quiz that Bon Look offers on the site, and it kept recommending the Glamazons to me.  The more I looked at those, the more I loved them.  But, since the Socialites had caught my eye first (pun intended.  womp womp.), I went with them.  Well.. a week later I decided to go back and look at the Glamazons on the site, and they were marked down to $79.  I decided to get them, too, since I like to switch up my glasses.

These are the Glamazons.  Please excuse the ridiculous pose.  I took this for a thumbnail of the video I uploaded last Friday.
Bon Look Review 4

Overall, I am pretty pleased with Bon Look's service.  The minimal experience I had with their customer service was pleasant.  I am also pleased with the quality of the frames.  The only negative aspect was the smell of the Glamazons when I took them out of the box.  They had a heavy plastic scent, but that went away within in a day.

Have you ever ordered from Bon Look before?  Any styles you think I should try?

p.s.  I am not affiliated with Bon Look in any way.  I paid for these glasses with my own money.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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