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Budgeting Bloggers: September 2014

This year, I will be documenting my monthly clothing budget.  I will show you my budget for each month and what I bought with it.  Every month, I have $60 to spend towards clothing.  Some months might be more, because I use Ebates to shop online and receive a small commission through affiliate links.  During the months that I receive money from Ebates and Skimlinks, that amount will also go towards my clothing budget (this month!  yay!).  This month my budget was $385.12.

stitch fix collage

This month, I purchased a dress, necklace, and top from my Stitch Fix (referral link).  The $20 styling fee + the price of the clothes - some referral credits I had came to a total of $61.


Oh, look, I got a hair cut!  ..Just joking.  I didn't think a white shirt would photograph very well against a white wall, so I got this photo from the Banana Republic product pageFran posted about a white button-up some time last month.  It happened to be on extra sale, so I ordered it.  My white button-up has been looking dingy, so I really  needed a new one.  This was $35.23.

p.s. I have been thinking about cutting my hair.  Thoughts?

Budgeting Bloggers 3

My favorite work pants are the Gap Slim Cropped Ankle Pants.  I happened upon them on the site, and they were 50% off!  I snatched those up real fast, even though I already have two pairs.  I wear them multiple times a week, so it was definitely worth it.  With that order (I had also ordered a dress that didn't work out), I earned some Gap cash.

When it came time to use that, I ordered some jeans (and some underwear to get free shipping).  Since their jeans are rarely included in coupon codes, I made sure to get some with my Gap cash.  The jeans are High Rise Skimmers and I love them.  I sized up because I wanted them to be comfy, but I am thinking about ordered another pair in my regular size.  They are so soft and stretchy, but the knees look baggy after a few wears.

Budgeting Bloggers 4

I had some thredUP (referral link) credits from referrals and selling clothes, so of course I bought some sweaters.  :)  Sweaters and pants are my favorite things to shop for on thredUP.  The turquoise cardigan is H&M.  After I ordered it, I realized I probably have enough blue/green cardigans at this point.  It is my favorite color to wear, if that wasn't obvious.  The tan sweater is from a brand called Rubbish, and it will be perfect for winter weekends at home.  The grey sweater is Loft, and I've already worn it multiple times.  It's light enough to wear when it's warm but can easily layered when it's cold.  The skinny jeans are from Gap.  They have the perfect amount of structure and stretch.  I do need to get them hemmed, though.  These items were in two orders, and I sent back some things I didn't like.  The orders - items sent back + shipping paid to ship them back = $27.94.

Budgeting Bloggers 5

I also had some Old Navy cash to use, so I bought some sweaters and a hoodie.  A mustard sweater (same style, different color) and a black crew neck sweater have been on my list of things to buy for a long time.  Also, a couple years ago I saw a hoodie like this at Target.  By the time it was on clearance, my size was sold out.  I made sure to get this one!  The total for this order was $62.85.

Budgeting Bloggers 5
These are the earrings I kept from one of my Rocksbox (referral link) boxes this month.  After my referral credit, they were $3.

This necklace is from Le Tote.  I decided to try them out after see Bri's reviews of the service.  I created an account and then hesitated, because it's basically $49 to rent clothes.  I would much rather spend $49 on clothes that I keep.  But, of course they sent me an email shortly after I created my account with a 50% off coupon code for the first month.  Since everyone seems to be raving about them, I said why not?  For $24.50, they sent me five items (3 clothing, 2 accessories) to wear.  They also put a $10 shopping credit in my account.  And when I took even longer to decide if I wanted to buy the items, they put a $15 credit in my account.

I really liked a couple of the items, and I plan on doing a post about it.  For now, I am only keeping this necklace.  After the $25 credit, this is $9.  Plus the $24.50, it really cost me $33.50.  I went back and forth and figured I'd already spent money on this, so I might as well spend a little bit more and keep something.


This next item is a little out of character from me.  Ever since I ordered a couple Gertie & Baxter infinity scarves from 9th & Elm, I've been wanting more.  This scarf was on Groopdealz.  It was only $9.98 after shipping.  It will be cute for Halloween.

Budgeting Bloggers 6

Target.  Oh, Target!  It's usually hit or miss for me.  Right now, it's a hit.  I had a couple Cartwheel coupon codes to take advantage of, and they also had a Merona buy one, get one 50% off.  This dress is WAY prettier in person and will be perfect for the holidays (it's a little more green/red in person).  These ankle pants (same style, different pattersn) are amazing, and I wish they had more in regular colors.  They have a blue version at my store (blue legs with black stripe down the side), but it isn't a blue that I wear often.  Since they were having the Merona sale, I got another color in my favorite boat neck tee.  The total for these items was $49.51.

Budget              $385.12

Spent                  367.72

Balance            $  17.40

I did a lot of shopping this month.  Too much, almost.  I am feeling shopped out.  Last year, I did a spending ban from August until my birthday at the beginning of December.  I'm starting a little late with a spending ban this year, but aside from Stitch Fix I won't be shopping until December!

What did you buy this month?

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