Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy Blogiversary to Me! A too-long story and some bloopers

Today marks my 3 year blog birthday, and I literally have no energy to write a post.  I apologize for this in advance.  It's been a weird day.  #beinghonest

Of course, I'm writing this the day before (Friday).  And on this day I: went on a field trip to a tree farm with my son's first grade class (so tired, much sweaty, very fun) and then went shopping with him at Michael's when we got back.  I'm pretty sure that was the first time he'd ever been in Michael's with me (I could be wrong), but the fact that he stopped to look at something every .5 seconds suggests that I'm right.  Honestly, it was like me in kid form (BUY ALL TEH CRAFT SUPPLIES), and it made me tired.

We then picked up the rest of the gang and found out that one of my daughter's friends has lice.  Awesome.  This is exactly what I wanted to hear.  We rushed home very quickly to eat dinner, all the while thwarting the kids' efforts to PAINT THEIR PUMPKINS NOW (instead of tomorrow, when I planned to do so).  I tried to straighten up the house while expertly navigating around the mess of Micro Machines that the boys were playing with, and not so expertly avoiding my daughter who thinks that she should be attached to my hip at all the times.  I got her dressed for dance class.  My husband got home, and she and I left.

I had 45 glorious minutes to read while she was in kinder dance.  I'm reading only about a bajillion books right now, but the one that I read on my Kindle app while she's in class is A Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss.  My husband and the boys meet us at the dance studio to pick up our tiny dancer, so I can go celebrate my best friend's birthday by taking her out to eat and shopping at Target.

They go home, I meet up with her at a really good Thai restaurant.  Before our food even gets to our table, a man literally comes in to rob the restaurant.  I'm pretty sure he got away with all the money in their till, but he left while I was getting my cell phone out of my purse.  Because of the way the tables are arranged, we barely saw anything (and my friend didn't even know what was going on) but we did have to wait until the police/investigators were done with us.  I obviously had no appetite at when my food came out.  And I'm pretty sure I won't be able to eat thai spring rolls again without thinking about the robbery.

We do what you do when you witness a robbery, and we quelled our anxiety with a trip to Target.  We wandered around quite a bit (my feet=so tired), but the only things I bought for myself were roach traps and lice treatment.

So, basically, I ended the day on a really high note.

ALL THAT to say that this blog has been my escape, my outlet, and my hobby for the past three years.  Today, you could say it's more of an escape.  Although there have been times that I've wondered what the heck is the point of such a fleeting past time, here I still am.  The point is that I love connecting with people, and I like that I have a place to talk about clothes and makeup.  It's fun!

For the past two years, I've rounded up bloopers to share on my blogiversary.  I was actually going to do a post on bloopers back when Fran had her link up, but I didn't get around to it.  So, here they are!

Yes, please, walk in front of the camera.

Oh, that's sweet.

Seriously, what is going on?  Smiling to confused in .3 seconds

Is this my good side?


Man hands!

Now everybody dance!

Whether you've been reading my blog for one week, one year, or you're been here from the beginning, I want to say thank you!  You all are awesome.

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