Friday, November 21, 2014

Beauty Box 5: November 2014

I am sent Beauty Box 5 every month for review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

In case you've never heard of it, Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service.  Every month, they send you 5 cosmetic samples.  You can find out more here.

Beauty Box 5 November 2014 2

Beauty Box 5 November 2014 1

This month's theme is giving yourself that little extra something special in your routine.  Sometimes an extra 10 minutes makes all the difference!

When I got my box in the mail, I was inspired to create a travel essentials video.  Most of these products would be perfect for travel.  Since the holiday travel season is upon us, I thought it would be fun to put together my absolute essentials for when we're on the road!  You can check out the video at the bottom of this post.

On with the unboxing!

Afterfeather Refillable Travel Bottles

This bottle is so sturdy and nice!  Do you ever purchase travel bottles and feel like they're going to break if you look at them wrong?  I know I have a whole set of them in my bathroom cabinet.  This travel bottle is very well made, and it has a cute design to boot!

DenTek Floss Picks and Case

I am such a stickler for oral hygiene, even when we're traveling.  I keep at least one bag of floss picks in the bathroom at all times (we go through them pretty fast, since four of of us floss every day).  This little case is perfect for travel.  No need for an annoying little sandwich bag to hold our floss picks!

HASK Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Oil

I have and love a couple HASK masks.  They're affordable (you can find them at your grocery store) and super effective!  My hair always feels amazing after I use a HASK mask, so I was excited to try a hair oil. A little goes a long way!  It is very easy to over use this and end up with a grease ball for a head.  Just make sure you use it in moderation, and you're good to go!

Laura Ashley Body Butter (different scent here)

I am such a fan of body butters.  When I put on lotion, I want it to be thick and very hydrating.  This body butter is so nice.  It has all the hydration without the grease.  I received the peony scent, and I love it!  It gets bonus points for being a travel friendly size.

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

This little guy will be so handy!  This is actually the body wash I'm using right now in my shower. Talk about hydrating!  This is creamier than a regular gel body wash.  You really don't need a ton of lotion after you use this.

I think this month's box had a good variety of items!  Check out my travel essentials in the video below.

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