Monday, November 10, 2014

Makeup Monday: The Best Fall Nail Polishes

A few weeks ago, I rounded up my favorite Fall lip colors.  Today, it's nail polishes!  If you can't already tell, I love fall nail colors.  I had a hard time narrowing it down to five, so just pitched and tossed while I was gathering them and came up with nine colors.

Best Fall Nail Polishes 1

Best Fall Nail Polishes 2

Julep in Lupita

I am such a fan of Julep nail polishes.  These first four polishes were all in my September box!  I love the depth of this pink shade.  I'm sure I've said this before, but pink is a year-round color for me.  But, this one has a definitely fall look to it.

Julep in Quinn (satin finish)

I love this grey color so much.  This polish is actually a satin finish.  I don't usually go outside the box, when it comes to nail polish texture.  I am glad I did with this one!  This grey will be beautiful with everything this season.

Julep in Erin

This is a lighter version of Quinn, with less blue and a regular finish (glossy).  I love how subtle this color is.  I use this when I want a neutral, but I'm bored with sheer pink.

Julep in Mary Lee

It wouldn't be a fall nail polish round up with something that can be describe as ox blood!  As disgusting as the name of that color is, you have to admit that it's pretty gorgeous.

Revlon Colorstay in Sangria

When I venture away from pinks and neutrals, I usually choose a purple.  This one has a slight pink tone to it, which is flattering to my skin tone.  Need I say how much I love the Revlon Colorstay polishes?  Probably not.  They're pretty awesome.

Best Fall Nail Polishes 3

Revlon Colorstay in

Aaand, another Revlon Colorstay!  This one is so fun.  Pink really is my second go-to nail color, but this one feels special because it has depth to it.  My favorite pinks are blue-toned, so this is perfect!

Nails Inc. in Baker Street

Ahhh.... Baker Street.  This is probably the boldest nail polish I own (aside from black with neon green sparkles), and it's so pretty!  I love cobalt blue for everything -- shoes, tops, and even nails.  There is something so classy about it.  I also really love the Nails Inc. formula.  They go on opaque in a couple coats (you could really get away with one), and they don't chip easily.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Polish in Stand to Attention (similar color)

I love a good nail polish.  And I love that this polish dries in 60 seconds.  You can literally paint and go.  I think I've mentioned this brand before, but I really love them.  Waiting for polish to dry is annoying, and this polish eliminates that!

Essie in Master Plan

I know, I know.  This looks just like the Julep Erin.  But, it looks different to me.  Master Plan has a lot less blue in it.  If you're looking for a neutral gray, this is perfect!

Essie in Mink Muffs

This is one of my favorite Essie colors.  It looks great with any skin tone.  I swear, it makes me look tan!  Although it's a year-round color for me, the gorgeous brown color reminds me of fall.

And those are my favorite fall nail polishes!  What are your favorite polishes to wear in the fall months?

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