Thursday, November 6, 2014

My First Le Tote!

A month or so ago, after seeing one of Bri's reviews, I decided to try Le Tote.  Le Tote is a clothing and accessories rental service.  For $49 a month, you are sent five items.  Three of them are clothing, and two of them are accessories.  In your first Le Tote, you are sent a tote bag, a measuring tape, and a style guide book.  When you create an account, you can "shop" the site and add clothing and accessories to your "closet."  Your stylist will pull things from your closet and also pick out other items to send you!

Le Tote Review 2

Here are the items I got in my first Le Tote!

Le Tote Review 3

I really like this top when I took it out of the box, but the fit was all kinds of weird.  The fabric didn't drape well.  It just fell down straight, like a cliff, from my chest.  The sleeves are also a weird length for me.  It was really cute, but not awesome.  It was $54.  I sent this back.

Le Tote Review 4

This was another cute top.  I love having sleeveless tops to pair with cardigans for work, but this one was a little pricey.  It was also $54.  The price was too high for what it was, so I sent it back.

Le Tote Review 5

A cuff bracelet!  Argh!  Subscription boxes love to send me cuff bracelets, even though I don't wear them.  I sent this back.  It was $28.  Good price, just didn't like the style.

Le Tote Review 6

This rose gold and black necklace is so cute!  I don't have any rose gold jewelry.  Since I wear v-necks a lot, I thought it'd be a good addition to my jewelry collection.  I kept this.  It was $34, but I had some shopping credits in my account.  I paid $9 for it.

Le Tote Review 7

Last but not least, my favorite top of the box.  I really love the style, fabric, and color of this top.  It was pretty perfect.  And the lace detail is so cute!  But, the price was a little steep for what it is.  Also, the armholes were a little big.  I probably would've worn it with a cardigan, but for $54, I would want it to fit perfectly.  I was sad to send this back!

Overall, I think Le Tote is fun.  I like that you have a month to try on clothes (instead of 3 days with Stitch Fix).  My first box didn't have a lot of variety in the way of tops.  I really would've liked a sweater, a sleeveless top, and a sleeved top.  This first box did not cost me $49, because they send out a 50% off code after I created my account.  So, for $24.50 + $9 = I got a necklace.  I meant to put my account on hold for a few months, until I wanted to try it again.  But, I forgot and realized it when my second box was sent to me.  So, I'll have another Le Tote unboxing to share with you!  My second box was a lot better than my first.

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