Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stitch Fix: November 2014

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Stitch Fix time!  I patiently waited for this month's Stitch Fix.  I originally wasn't going to schedule another fix until December, but I wanted two more fixes before I start only thrifting my clothes. Gotta get my fix on!

Stitch Fix November 2014 1

Stitch Fix November 2014 2

Market and Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman Top, size medium, $78

I'm kind of in love with this top and kind of not.  It's very comfortable and I love the colors.  It fits well.  However, I've had some knit tops like this in the past that did not hold their shape for very long.  Also, there were little loops of the yarn from the fabric that are still falling off the raw cut edge on the inside of the top.  I think it would sort itself out, and the edge is serged but ... I'm worried that it will keep unraveling.  I suppose if I keep it, I could hand wash it and lay it flat to dry.  I'm not adverse to caring for my clothes a little more in the interest of keeping something I love.  So... I'm still undecided.  I have to check out tonight!  Give me your opinions!!

Just Black Jimmy Ankle Length Skinny Jeans, size 32, $88

Holy skinny jeans, Batman, these are amazing!  I asked for the Kensie jeans again, but they weren't in stock.  Well, it will work out perfectly, because I love these more.  They feel as comfortable as leggings.  I wore them around the house and didn't feel the need to take them off.  Sometimes, even jeans are not comfortable to wear around the house (am I the only one??).  I could've slept in these!  I am definitely keeping these.  Also!  I rubbed my hands all over these, and dye has not come off on my hands.  I can't stand when dark rinse jeans tint your hands blue.  I haven't decided if I'm just going to wear them cuffed or get them hemmed.  Surprise, surprise!  Regular ankle pants aren't actually ankle pants on me. #shortgirlproblems

Side note: the price made my eyebrows go up a bit.  I have learned that when I find a good pair of jeans, I buy them.  These are the most expensive jeans I've purchased.  BUT!  I can bet that I have many (MANY) pairs of jeans in my closet that don't get worn, and I bet that they all add up to more than $88.  These are SO MINE!

Stitch Fix November 2014 2
Mystree Jackie Striped French Terry Asymmetrical Jacket, size medium, $78

I was very excited when I pulled this out of my box.  Sadly, it doesn't work for me.  It hits me right above my hips, which makes me look even hippier than I am.  I mean ... I'm hip AND hippy.  I try to minimize the latter.  Obviously.

The sleeve are also very long.  This is pretty much the norm for me.  Jackets and long-sleeved tops are usually too long for me.  I would've rolled these up, but this is french terry and not very pretty on the inside.  This is going back!
Stitch Fix November 2014 3
Fate Goodwin Cowl Neck Sweater, size medium, $64

This was pretty 'meh' to me at first, but I loved it as soon as I put it on.  It is so cozy!  I like the tunic length, the split hem, and the softness of the fabric.  I'm going to be completely honest, I don't think I look amazingly awesome in it.  But I FEEL amazingly awesome in it.  I put it on and didn't take it off for the rest of the day.  It's a keeper!

Stitch Fix November 2014 4

Bay to Baubles Christy Layered Bauble Necklace, $38

This necklace is a gorgeous color, but I'm not really feeling it.  I think the price is turning me off of it. I'll be sending this back!

Overall, I am very happy with this month's box.  I requested Nicole to style my box, because she styled the last box that I absolutely loved.  She really gets my style.  I loved the aesthetic of this box, even though not all the pieces worked for me.

Do you get Stitch Fix?  What have you gotten lately?

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