Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

It's time for another Thrifty Thursday!  I picked up a couple things at Goodwill that I absolutely love.

Thrifty Thursday 1

I found this chambray Merona dress in the dress racks.  Although it's one size too big, it doesn't look big on me.  I've worn this with a button-up (underneath), a cardigan, tights, and boots.  I love that this will look great in the summer and the winter.  It was $4.39.

Thrifty Thursday 2

I've been on the look out for straight or boot leg pants for work.  I don't think that my skinny ankles pants are going to keep me (as in, my ankles) warm all winter.  Plus, my office is pretty cold.  These are from Levi and they have a comfort waist band.  Honestly, the simple fact that this has a comfort waist band makes me depressed and excited.  I mean, are you officially old when you want to wear a comfort waist band?  It's really comfy, though ... So, comfort wins over all!  Although they looks like jeans, they are made out of a pant-type material.  These were $4.39.

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