Monday, December 8, 2014

Makeup Monday: Festive Holiday Look w/ Paula Dorf

I was sent a Paula Dorf eyeshadow palette and mascara to use in creating a makeup look, via Brandbacker.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Paula Dorf Festive Holiday Look 2

First thing first.  I am such an eyeshadow palette hoarder.  If there's one thing I love trying, it's eyeshadow palettes!  I was sent this Paula Dorf Aztec City Palette and, you guys.  This palette literally has everything you need for multiple eyeshadow looks.  It has a shade range from light to dark, with a pop of blue. With the palette and the Paula Dorf Teal Mascara, I have created a gorgeous holiday look.

The look is really quite neutral for the eyes, so you could wear this look anywhere (just switch up your lip color).  For the holiday season, I am wearing a deep red lipstick that compliments the neutral shadows on my lids.

Paula Dorf Festive Holiday Look 1

Paula Dorf Festive Holiday Look 4

First, take the deep brown shadow and apply it all over your lids.  Don't worry about blending it too much into your crease, as the next step will blend it all out.

Paula Dorf Festive Holiday Look 5

Next, using the camel shade, blend it into your crease.  This will blend the edge of the deep brown and give your crease some depth.

Paula Dorf Festive Holiday Look 6

In order to keep your inner corner bright (since we're using such a dark color), apply the middle shade to the first third of your lid.  It layers beautifully over the brown.

Paula Dorf Festive Holiday Look 7

Next, use the pale shade as a brow highlight.  This is so pretty!

Paula Dorf Festive Holiday Look 8

Now we're going to work on our lower lash line.  Go back with the dark brown and lightly line your lower lashes (alliteration for the win!).

Paula Dorf Festive Holiday Look 9

To keep your bottom lash looking fresh, take the shimmery blue (so, so pretty!!) and apply it over the dark brown on your lower lash line.  I love the way this blue looks over the brown.

Paula Dorf Festive Holiday Look 10

Next, I tight lined my upper lashes and did a winged eyeliner with a liquid eyeliner.

Paula Dorf Festive Holiday Look 11

For my lashes, I decided to prime them with a white lash primer since the mascara is teal.  I didn't want the teal color to get lost in my dark lashes.  After one coat of the primer, I applied three coats of the teal mascara.

Paula Dorf Festive Holiday Look 12

Add some holiday inspired lipstick, and you're done!

I have been thoroughly impressed with this eye shadow palette and mascara.  The smooth consistency and intense pigmentation of the eye shadow makes application a breeze.  Plus, the colors are amazing!  The mascara was super volumizing and did not smudge at all throughout the day.

Paula Dorf has a coupon code for my readers.  If you use the code TEAL at check out, you will receive a free teal mascara with your purchase!

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