Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rocksbox: December 2014

I am sent Rocksbox for review.  All opinions are, and always will be, 100% my own.

If you've never heard of Rocksbox before, it's basically the Netflix of jewelry.  For a monthly fee, you will be sent three designer pieces of jewelry.  You can wear them as much as you want, then send them back for three more pieces!  I've been getting Rocksbox since July, and I absolutely love it!  If you want to purchase 

This month, my stylist noticed that I'd been loving necklaces.  She sent me two gorgeous necklaces and a bracelet.

Rocksbox December 2014 1

Rocksbox December 2014 2

Gorjana Zia Long Necklace, $52

Look at this!  I love this simple, gorgeous necklace.  In fact, I wore it a ton but it was during a really busy time so I never got an outfit picture in it.  I specifically remember wearing it during the week of our office Christmas party, so yeah.  Crazy times.  This is the perfect necklace to throw on with just about anything.  I probably wouldn't wear this with a dressy work outfit.  It's more casual but still helps you look pulled together.

Rocksbox December 2014 3

Rocksbox December 2014 4

Margaret Elizabeth Teardrop Bangle in Moonstone, $70

How stunning is this bracelet?  I love simple, stated pieces like this one.  The color will, obviously, go with everything.  Bangles aren't usually my thing, as I've said before, but this was so comfortable. I think that was because part of it is open.  It didn't feel like it was banging around on my wrist like other bangles do.  I will be adding Margaret Elizabeth to the list of brands I want to buy from Rocksbox, as I find pieces that I love.  The last pair of Margaret Elizabeth earrings I got were just as pretty as this bangle!

Rocksbox December 2014 5

Perry Street Cicily Necklace, $60

Ahhh, the crowning piece of the box!  I couldn't stop staring at this necklace when I took it out of my Rocksbox.  Cobalt is one of my favorite colors, so this was a no-brainer.  I wore it with everything.  You can see it in this outfit here.  Every time I wore this necklace, I got tons of compliments.

And that's it for this month!  I didn't keep any of the pieces, simply because I was focused on finishing my Christmas shopping when this box came.  But, that's the beauty of Rocksbox!  I still got to wear gorgeous jewelry during the holidays, without the $50+ price tag of the pieces.

You can find out more and fill out a style survey here.

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