Thursday, December 11, 2014


I am sent Rocksbox for review.  All opinions are, and always will be, 100% my own!

If you've never heard of Rocksbox, it's basically a jewelry rental service.  For a monthly fee, they send you three designer pieces.  You can wear them as long as you like, or you can send boxes back and forth as much as you want for the duration of your membership.  If you want to keep any of the pieces, they discount them 20%.  You can my previous boxes here, here, here, and here.

Rocksbox 1

Another month, another amazing Rocksbox!  Rocksbox gifted me with a 3-month subscription back in July.  When my three months were up, they asked if I would like another 3-months!  Um, yes.  Yes, I would. #easydecision

Rocksbox 2

This month, my box was a leeetle more expensive than it has been in the past.  Spoiler alert: I didn't end up keeping anything, but I loved wearing it all!

Rocksbox 3

Kendra Scott Jana Bracelet in Black Opal Glass, $64 after Rocksbox discount

This was my second favorite piece in the box.  I've said before, I don't do bracelets.  I mean, it's pretty rare.  But, I keep getting sent bracelets in my Rocksboxes, and I keep trying them and giving them an honest go.  This one is so comfortable.  See, that's my beef with most bracelets.  They don't feel comfortable, especially since I type all day.  They're too big and bang around or ... well, honestly, they're rarely too small for me.  I really liked this bracelet and enjoyed wearing it, but it seems a little fancy for everyday.  Part of me regrets sending it back, but I know I wouldn't get a ton of use out of it.

Rocksbox 4

Gorjana Luna Layer Necklace, $56 after Rocksbox discount

So help me, I will buy a Gorjana necklace one day!  Every single Gorjana necklace I've tried in my boxes has been so cute and exactly my style.  I found myself wearing this so much.  The price just wasn't right for my budget when I got this box (November).  Rest assured, a Gorjana necklace will be mine eventually!

Rocksbox 5

Margaret Elizabeth Mini Cushion Cut Drops in Labradorite, $70 after discount

Let's just take a moment too stare at these earrings.  They are absolutely gorgeous (and, hello, they have more colors in this style!).  I had an outfit picture of my wearing these and then I accidentally deleted the pictures from my memory card.  Yup, that was obviously a brain fart moment for me.  In fact, I deleted the pictures of that outfit and another one.  Anyways, back to the earrings.  I love the delicate gold and the stones.  These were a joy to wear, but they were a little pricey for me.  I will keep these in mind as a gift for my mom!  These are definitely splurge-worthy.

Well, I resisted all the pretties this month but I'm not sure about my next month (which came in this week).  It's hard to say no to all this pretty jewelry!

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