Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This is what 31 looks like...

I was sent this Pink Blush top to style.  The original post is here.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Casual Fall Fashion 2

Casual Fall Fashion 1

Casual Fall Fashion 3
Top: Pink Blush c/o (different color) // Jeans: Old Navy (similar) // Flats: Lucky // Necklace: Noir Luze via Le Tote

So, this is was 31 looks like (the age, not the purses).  No eye makeup, comfy (sparkly!) shirt, and my newest favorite shoes.

Exactly a week ago, I turned 31.  It was a pretty sweet day, if I'm honest.  This is the second year that I've taken off work and gone shopping by myself.  Oh, sweet peace and silence (minus my horrible singing of Christmas songs in the car)!

I don't have any profound thoughts on turning 31.  31 does feel better than 30, but I can't put my finger on it.  I feel more comfortable in my skin, which I guess is something that just happens as you get older.  I know myself, and I feel more confident.

I mean, I'm posting outfit pics without any eye make up on, so...  Yeah, even thought it was my birthday, it was still one of those days.

But, anyways.  The day was pretty great.  I drove over to Raleigh to shop at Crabtree.  I made my usual stops at Barnes & Noble (yay, 3 for 2 table!), Lush, and Sephora (p.s.  Not going to have a budget post for December, because I spent all of it on things that aren't clothes).  

Then, I met Angela for lunch at Panera.  I wanted to stop by Ulta on the way home, but very wisely decided against it.  After heading straight home, filming a haul video, and then picking up the kids, we just did make it to my mom's house on time for dinner.

Yay for a home cooked meal that wasn't made by me!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

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