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Stitch Fix January 2015

I have used my Stitch Fix referral link within this post.  If you click through and schedule a fix, I will receive a $25 Stitch Fix credit.  Please don't feel obligated to click, but thank you if you do!  Additionally, if you create a Stitch Fix account you will have your own referral link with which to earn credits!

This year, I'll be thrifting most of my clothes.  Stitch Fix and new shoes are my exceptions to the rule. I had a $25 credit for Stitch Fix, so I ordered a fix.  My last couple fixes have included some amazing sweaters and was hoping to get more of the same.  So, here's what I'm keeping, what I'm sending back, and what I can't decide on!

Stitch Fix Review January 2015

Stitch Fix Review January 2015

Brixon Ivy Adrian Plaid & Lace Blouse, size M, $68
B_Envied Eva Open Striped Cardigan, size M, $54
Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant, size 12, $78

Funny thing, the moment I pulled this top out of my box I thought it was SO cool!  I love the mixture of plaid and lace.  Plus, I don't have a lot of plaid in my closet.  It also fits so good.  It hits a good spot on my hips and it's longer in the back.  The lace is gorgeous.  The only thing, I couldn't think of many ways to style it with the clothes I already have.  The style card that came in my box gave me an idea, but I kept going back to throwing a cardigan over it. And who wants to cover up that lace?  The sleeves are cap sleeves and I've said it before, cap sleeves are not my friend.  So, I really wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it without a cardigan.  When I came to that realization, back in the box it went.  I will be sending it back.

The pants!!  They zip like jeans, so they so comfortable.  The knees were a little baggy, but I could forgive them for that.  I love these pants, but they are so long.  As in, down to my toes (literally, around my heel and to my toes).  I don't love them enough to have them altered, so I will be sending them back.

But, the cardigan!  I was unsure of it when I took it from the box, but I loved it the moment I put it on.  I don't know if my arms are abnormally short or what, but long sleeves are almost always too long for me.  Petite sizes really work better for me.  Anyways, these sleeves are the perfect length.  I have already worn it multiple times (I'm wearing it as a type).  Confession: I've even been wearing it over my pajamas when I'm cold at home.  It's so perfect!  This is obviously a keeper.

Stitch Fix Review January 2015

Moon Collection Armando Geo Knit Sweater, size M, $34

They sent me a second (gorgeous!) sweater and I am having a hard time making up my mind about this one.  It's a pretty navy with triangle pattern around the neck and bottom hem.  I love navy and don't have a ton of it in my closet.  The length is a little shorter than I usually wear (both in the hem and the sleeves).  When I look in the mirror, it makes my hips look wider.  When I look at this picture, I think it looks pretty darn good.

What do you think?  My fix actually arrived earlier than expected, so I have until Saturday to decide on my box.  I have a $25 credit, so the price of this sweater and the cardigan would be $63.  Is it worth going over budget and not being able to visit Goodwill this month?  I don't know.  I need your opinions!

Stitch Fix Review January 2015

Bay to Baubles Monroe Gem & Triangle Collar Necklace, $28

Isn't this necklace gorgeous?  The stones are a gorgeous deep blue, and it looks pretty with this sweater.  The only thing is that I have a ton of new jewelry at the moment from Christmas and this didn't wow me enough to keep it.  I guess I'm never opposed to more jewelry, it just has to speak to me.  This is gorgeous but doesn't have a place in my closet at the moment.

So, there you have it!  What would you do about the Geo Knit Sweater?  Should I keep it or send it back?

You can find out more about Stitch Fix here.

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  1. I hope you keep the sweater I think it looks great