Friday, February 13, 2015

Biotin Bursts Review & Giveaway

I was sent these Biotin Bursts for review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Any information contained in this post does not replace the medical advice of your doctor.  Please research any vitamin or supplement before you add it to your routine.

Biotin Bursts Hair Nails 2

Ever since I saw Mimi from Luxy Hair recommend biotin for stronger hair, it's been on my list of things to look into.  My hair has always been dry, plus my heat styling and hair color doesn't help!  Also, my scalp is easily irritated and prone to severe dryness.   I've been slowly improving the products that I use on my hair, but I haven't been giving my hair's internal health as much attention as I should have.

When Neocell asked if they could send me a package of Biotin Bursts for review, I thought what perfect timing!  This is exactly what I've been looking for to improve my hair (and nails! bonus!).

Biotin Bursts Hair Nails 1

So, the claims surrounding biotin all sound magical.  Stronger, shinier hair.  Reduction of hair loss.  Treatment of hair disorders.  They go on and on, really.  The truth is that it supports more than your hair.

I am not well versed in science, but what I understand is that biotin a B vitamin and is known as Vitamin H.  It occurs in food naturally and is found in whole wheat products, eggs and salmon, just to name a few.  It supports the health of many organs and functions in the body, such as skin, digestive tract, and cells.  There has been some early research that suggests it can treat certain aspects of diabetes and high cholesterol.  It sounds like a super vitamin, which made me wonder if it actually works.

I am so glad I gave it a chance, because I have seen some improvement in my hair and scalp.  For example, I rarely put conditioner on my roots because it weighs down my hair.  But, my roots and scalp are dry!  I just hadn't found a good balance of conditioner on my roots that would moisturize everything and yet not weigh it down.

Well, after I had been taking the biotin for two weeks I noticed that the roots of my hair looked shinier.  Also, before I started taking biotin I had severe dry patches on my scalp.  Those have disappeared.  And I don't say that to sound sensational in any sense.  The dry patches have literally disappeared, and the biotin is the only product I've added or changed about  my routine.  I can't tell you what a relief it is to not have itchy dry skin!

I wish I could say my nails seem stronger, but I have not noticed an improvement with them.  To be honest, they weren't too weak before I started using the biotin.  Either way, I am fully on the Biotin bandwagon.  In fact, I've already ordered another pack of them!

If you'd like to try the Biotin Bursts for yourself, NeoCell is giving away a box to one of my readers.  The giveaway is open to US only.  Please enter with the widget below, and good luck to all who enter!

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