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Budgeting Bloggers: January 2015

So, this year I am doing something different with my clothing budget.  I always have a $60 base budget for clothing, and last year I added in the money I made from blogging.  This year, I am going to be stricter about the $60 budget.  I am also strictly thrifting, with the exception of Stitch Fix and shoes.

Well, friends, I completely 'failed' in January.  I really hate to say 'failed,' because my budget is a little flexible.  But, I went over budget and I bought one clothing item brand new.  It was from Groopdealz, which is a major weakness of mine.  That being said, I don't feel like any of my purchases were frivolous.  They are all things that work with the clothes I already have.

Here is what I bought in January:

Budgeting Bloggers 2

Stitch Fix (January Fix is here)

I love Stitch Fix, but I think it might put me over budget every month.  I am thinking about limiting myself to one item from every fix.  That way, I can have the fun of Stitch Fix but also thrift a bit.  Any thoughts on that?  This month, I purchased two sweaters from my fix.  I was hesitant about the geo sweater, but ultimately kept it.  All I had to do was cuff the sleeve to fall in love with it. #easypeasy  I spent $63 on these sweaters.


Goodwill (thrifting recap here)

I had SUCH an awesome trip to Goodwill this month.  As in, I walked in, saw things, picked them up, and bought them without trying them on.  That really goes against any thrifting advice I've ever given, but sometimes you just know when items will work.  I am wearing the gray cardigan right now, and I am so glad I took a chance on it!  It's cozy, soft, and so warm.  I look forward to wearing the rest of the items when the weather warms up, if I don't mix them in with my wintery items before then.  I spent $20.66.

waterfall cardigan


I present to you a question: How could you look at this sweater and not want to purchase it?  I rest my case.

Ugh, no, but really.  This was the item that kicked me off the thrifting-all-year wagon.  And I forgive it.  A thousand times over.

This was $27.98.

bare traps sebastian


In December I had a Belk gift card and bought these boots in cognac.  They are insanely comfortable.  They are not wide calf, but they fit my wide calves like a gorgeous, cognac-colored glove.  My black boots from Forever 21 have really been looking bad (hello, they were super cheap).  After I bought the cognac boots, I got another Belk gift card for Christmas and instantly decided to spend it on black boots.  I went with the same style and waited for a crazy good sale.  They are originally $120.  With the 50% off sale, an additional 25% off coupon, and my gift card these were $23.18 after shipping.

Budgeting Bloggers 1


Not only did I fall off the thrifting-all-year wagon, but I tripped while I was getting back on.  20% off clearance at Target will do that to you...

I spent $10.87 on these tees.

My budget was $60, and I spent $145.69.  Very, very bad!  I have resolved to do better next month.  I really don't beat myself up too much about going over, since the $60 is self-imposed.  But, I still want to stick to it as much as possible!

What did you buy this month?

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